FREE beading pattern for Superduo Buds necklace

Since my interests have gravitated toward Superduo beads lately, I experimented with another way to use them in a necklace design.  This pattern requires 2 colors of 11/0 seed beads and 2 – 3 colors of Superduo beads.  I tried the design with smaller 11/0 Czech beads and larger TOHO 11/0 beads, and both yielded nice results.  The smaller 11/0 beads resulted in more “V” shapes in the 2nd row of buds (seen in the gold & copper, and pink & white pieces), while the larger TOHO 11/0 beads resulted in more “U” shapes in the 2nd row, shown in the black and copper example.  I hope you enjoy this free beading pattern!

FREE beading pattern: Superduo Buds

FREE beading pattern: Superduo Buds

Click on the photos below (or the free beading pattern) to zoom in. 

If you wish to print the pattern, download it in PDF format:

Download FREE PDF now!


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