FREE beading pattern for Lorraine Necklace

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New pattern!

This is my latest necklace design, entitled Lorraine Necklace.  It requires 11/0 seed beads, 4mm pearls or crystals, 6mm & 8mm pearls (or round beads), and Superduo or twin beads.  If you choose to use 4mm crystals that are not bicone  (i.e. like the black/gold piece below, where the crystals are more oval), a slight adjustment to the pattern is needed.  If using oval crystals, then at steps 16 and 17 where you see 2 seed beads in a row, use only one.  Below the picture is a list of materials I used in the three pieces shown.  I hope you enjoy this free beading pattern!

FREE beading pattern: Lorraine Necklace

11/0 seed beads 4mm beads/crystals 6mm/8mm beads Superduos or twins
Dyna-Mites: silver-lined light peach translucent Light pink AB bicone crystals Off-white pearls Clear AB Superduo beads
Dyna-Mites: silver-lined translucent rainbow gold Black AB round crystals Glossy black round beads Matte gold Superduo beads
TOHO silver (galvanized aluminum) Dark blue pearls Dark blue pearls Half-silver/half-clear Superduo beads

Click on the photos below (or the free beading pattern) to zoom in.

If you wish to print the pattern, download it in PDF format:

Download FREE PDF now!


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