FREE beading pattern for necklace Bugle Diamonds

I experimented more with the bugle square-within-square component from my last post (Bugle Squares), and came up with another design I like very much.  This pattern results in a more rigid curve in the necklace than the design in my last post, so works best as a shorter necklace (13 to 15 components).  It is highly recommended that you use Fireline for this pattern, otherwise the sharp edges of the bugle beads could sever your thread.  I vertically attached 3 more components to the front of the green and gold necklace, to give it a more V-line in the front, which I thought was a nice embellishment to the pattern.  The green and gold piece was made using Czech #3 (6.4mm) rainbow dark green bugle beads, dark green 4mm round crystals, with light green rainbow and gold lined seed beads.  The grey piece was made using Czech #3 rainbow grey bugle beads, 4mm fire polished lilac luster round crystals, and light blue rainbow and light purple rainbow silver lined seed beads.  Enjoy!

FREE beading pattern: Bugle Diamonds

FREE beading pattern: Bugle Diamonds

Click on the photos below (or the free beading pattern) to zoom in. 

If you wish to print the pattern, download it in PDF format:

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