FREE beading pattern for Enchanted Tree Necklace

Why do I call this the Enchanted Tree Necklace?  Because the reflective resin in the cabochon reminds me of tree bark on a trunk, the necklace strands remind me of leaves, and the fringe reminds me of branches — all elements of a tree.  On top of that, the dark color combination is electric, almost other-worldly and enchanting.  (The lighter color combination is softer, less dramatic, and more reminiscent of peach blossoms).  This design is composed of a netted bezel around an 18x25mm resin cabochon, embelleshed with 4mm crystals and coraled fringe, all hanging from a double St. Petersburg strand on either side.  This pattern demonstrates how to stitch and attach the double St. Petersburg strands, and illustrates the coraling technique used to create the branched fringe (including how to stitch it onto the netted bezel).  This is my favorite design yet using resin 18x25mm opalescent cabochons.  Enjoy!

FREE beading pattern: Enchanted Tree Necklace

FREE beading pattern: Enchanted Tree Necklace

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