FREE beading pattern for necklace Bugle Triangles

This stringed sequence of triangles makes for a lovely geometric necklace design. There are no substitutions on this pattern: only Czech #3 bugle beads (6.4mm) with 10/0 seed beads will work.  (I tried 11/0, but the resulting triangles were not flat).  You also need a small number of 15/0 beads (3 for each triangle) to make all the connections, and to weave these triangles together with one continuous thread.  It is highly recommended that you use Fireline for this pattern, otherwise the sharp edges of the bugle beads are likely to sever your thread. I included a variation (orange) that uses 4mm pearls between triangles, and although that gives a nice accent, I like the original design (purple) a bit better because of the “S” curve of 10/0 edge beads that start from the previous triangle and continue around the top of the next triangle.  Stay tuned: the next post will include a pattern for matching earrings!

FREE beading pattern: Bugle Triangles

FREE beading pattern: Bugle Triangles

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