FREE beading pattern for necklace Veronica

The contrasting colors in this necklace accentuate the design.  This piece is made with 15/0 seed beads, mostly 6mm pearls, with accents and drops made from 4mm pearls and 4mm bicone crystals.  11/0 seed beads can be used for the bead stops on the drops if the bead hole is too big for a 15/0 seed bead. (That was done for this piece, even though the pattern indicates all 15/0 seed beads).  This one is fairly simple to make, which is another reason I like it.

FREE beading pattern: Veronica

FREE beading pattern: Veronica

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FREE beading pattern for necklace Geometric Net

I’ve seen this pattern posted several places around various beading sites.  For this piece, I made a slight modification to accommodate larger focal beads around the bottom edge, including an extra 11/0 and extra 6/0 seed bead on either side of the focal bead to give it more room to hang down.  I love the gold and wine colors together!  This piece was made with 11/0 (purple) and 6/0 (gold) seed beads, 4mm and 6mm pearls, and 7 large diamond-shaped focal beads.

Free beading pattern: Geometric Net

Free beading pattern: Geometric Net

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