FREE beading pattern for Fringed Bezel necklace

Here is yet another design for an 18x25mm cabochon, which uses a variation of the St. Petersburg chain that both frames the cabochon and continues on to form the necklace strands.  This design has two versions: one with bugles for longer fringe (shown in the green and copper necklace), and one with alternating fringe beads (demonstrated in the blue and gold necklace).  The green version is made using a dark resin opalescent 18x25mm cabochon and resembles a Peacock feather, while the blue and gold version is made using a light resin cabochon and has a more classical look.  Both designs require 11/0 seed beads and either bugle beads or small fringe beads for the chain, and 15/0 and 11/0 seed beads for netting the bezel around the cabochon.

FREE beading pattern: Fringed Bezel Necklace

FREE beading pattern: Fringed Bezel Necklace

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