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DIY Sweater Clip in 3 Easy Steps

This is a bit different from previous posts, as this beading project utilizes pliers and glue instead of needle and thread.  I have been on the look-out for a nice sweater clip for my open-front sweaters (or even a cape clip or dress clip I can use as a sweater clip).  I prefer the clips to be close together to cinch in at the waist, but most of the clips I’ve found are too far apart for that.  So I found a way to make my own, and I absolutely love them!  They hold thick or thin sweaters without snagging, and can be created with casual or formal looks.  The materials are inexpensive, and these sweater clips make great Christmas gifts.  I hope you enjoy this project!

DIY Sweater Clip

DIY Sweater Clip Using Double-Link Beads

DIY Sweater Clip

Sweater Clips


  • 2 large flat-back beads (can be single-link, double-link, or single-hole flat beads)
  • 2 clip-on earring backs
  • jewelry or metal glue
  • jump rings and pliers
  • chain (optional)
DIY Sweater Clip Materials

DIY Sweater Clip Materials

Step 1:

Glue the earring clips to the back of the beads.  For single-link or single-hole beads, earring clip should point towards the link or hole.  For double-link beads, earring clip should point in between the links.

DIY Sweater Clip - Step 1

DIY Sweater Clip – Step 1

Step 2:

Bend the ends of the earring clips 90-degrees in.  This allows the clip to grab and not slip off the sweater, and to hold without snagging.

DIY Sweater Clip - Step 2

DIY Sweater Clip – Step 2

For greater grip, you can snip out a small section at the end of the clip to create two teeth, using wire cutters:

DIY Sweater Clip: step 2b

DIY Sweater Clip: Step 2b

Step 3:

Connect the two beads using jump rings and chains, with the clips facing outwards.  If using single-hole flat beads, connect them with a wire first (with a loop at each end), then add a chain via jump rings.

DIY Sweater Clip - Step 3a

DIY Sweater Clip – Step 3a

DIY Sweater Clip - Step 3b

DIY Sweater Clip – Step 3b

More Examples:

DIY Sweater Clip

Sweater Clip Using Single-Hole Beads

DIY Sweater Clip

Sweater Clip Using Link Beads

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