FREE beading pattern for Superduo Leaf Drops Necklace

This design is made entirely from Superduos and 11/0 seed beads. You can either use two colors to alternate the leaf drops, or a single color — both yield nice results. There is a variation included in the pattern that uses seed beads in place of the horizontal Superduo¬†in¬†each leaf drop (where the leaf drop cinches together). If using two colors, there are two different ways to alternate them, which is also shown in the pattern. The materials and variations I used in these pieces are listed below. I hope you enjoy this free beading pattern!

FREE beading pattern: Superduo Leaf Drops Necklace

FREE beading pattern: Superduo Leaf Drops Necklace

Here are the materials, pattern variations, and color variations used in the pieces below.

Materials Pattern Variation Color Variation
Turquoise and Bronze necklace:

  • 11/0 frosted translucent rainbow peacock seed beads
  • 11/0 bronze TOHO seed beads
  • Apollo Gold Superduos
  • Matte turquoise green vitrail Czech Twin beads
Original Pattern Color Variation 1
Black and White necklace:

  • 11/0 Opaque white rainbow seed beads
  • 11/0 black seed beads
  • White Luster Twin beads
  • Black Superduos
Original Pattern Color Variation 2
Bronze and Tavertine necklace:

  • 11/0 Opaque iris bronze seed beads
  • Chalk Travertine Superduos
Pattern Variation One color of seed beads
One color of Superduos
Light Aqua and Green necklace:

  • 11/0 Silver lined rainbow light aqua seed beads
  • 11/0 Silver lined rainbow light green seed beads
  • Crystal AB Superduos
Pattern Variation Color variation 1
One color of Superduos

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If you wish to print the pattern, download it in PDF format:

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