FREE beading pattern for Lotus Lace Pendant

I was so happy with how the center component looked in my Lotus Lace Bracelet design from my last post, I decided to make it into a pendant. The pendant can be connected via jump ring to a chain or ribbon (as shown in my Diamond Rivoli post), or strung on a beaded wire finished with crimp beads and clasps as shown below.  (The pattern used for the beaded wire portion of the necklace can be found in my previous Rivoli Pendant post).  As another alternative, I created an extended version of the Lotus Lace Bracelet pattern to form a necklace to attach the pendant to (shown in the gold and copper piece below).  The left and right strands of the necklace were made by doing steps [1 – 22], [10 – 12], [2 – 22], [10 – 12], and [2 – 22] of the Lotus Lace Bracelet pattern, creating three main segments in each strand.  As with the earrings and the bracelet, this pendant pattern works equally well with either smaller Czech 11/0 seed beads, or with larger TOHO 11/0 seed beads, and can work with either Superduo or twin beads (although Superduos work a little better I think).

FREE beading pattern: Lotus Lace Pendant

FREE beading pattern: Lotus Lace Pendant

Here is a list of materials used in the various color combinations I experimented with:

11/0 seed beads Superduos or twins 6mm round beads
TOHO Bronze Bronze Copper Superduos Turquoise Green Bronze Picasso Finish Druk Beads
Czech gold Apollo Gold Superduos Czech druks, opaque satin copper
Czech silver White Luster twins green adventurine (natural stone)
TOHO nickel Silver Superduos Light violet Pearls
TOHO Bronze Transparent Amethyst Luster Superduos Transparent Amethyst Luster Druks

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If you wish to print the pattern, download it in PDF format:

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