FREE beading pattern for Crystal Petals necklace

I’m back!  Although my posts will likely not be as frequent as before, my hope is that they will still bring inspiration to your beading. Here is a new design that has similar elements as an earlier design of mine called Pearl Petals.  This pattern requires 4mm and 6mm round crystals with 11/0 Czech seed beads (two colors).  In both pieces I chose an accent seed bead color that matched the crystal color, but using a 3rd color instead might be a fun experiment too.  Enjoy!

FREE beading pattern: Crystal Petals

FREE beading pattern: Crystal Petals

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If you wish to print the pattern, download it in PDF format:

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Website Recovery Complete

I was able to manually restore all of my posts since September 2015, but was unable to recover comments on those posts.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  I have moved my website to what I believe will be a more reliable hosting provider, to avoid outages and data loss in the future.

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Due to a failure with my hosting provider, this website was down for several days and suffered a catastrophic loss of data.  During the next week or so, I will be manually restoring posts created since September 2015, but will be unable to recover comments posted since then.  Thank you for your patience!